About the Authors

Nathan Danneman

Nathan earned a PhD in political science from Emory Unviersity in 2013. His focus areas were international conflict and applied computational statistics. Since then, he has worked in the Washington, DC area as a Data Scientist with L-3 Data Tactics. He has consulted on big-data projects for several federal government agencies, and has worked on projects dealing with topics as varied as text analysis, geospatial outlier detection, cyber security, and statistical record de-confliction. For more, visit www.nathandanneman.com or @ndanneman on Twitter.

Richard Heimann

Richard Heimann is Fellow and Chief Data Scientist at L-3 NSS. He also is an EMC Certified Data Scientist with concentrations in spatial statistics, data mining, and pattern discovery. He is an Adjunct Faculty at the University of Maryland Baltimore County, where he teaches Spatial Analysis and Statistical Reasoning, and an Instructor at George Mason University, where he teaches Human Terrain Analysis. Mr. Heimann recently provided data science support to customers, including DARPA, Department of Homeland Security, US Army, Counter-IED Operational Integration Center, and the Pentagon. Richard is a co-author of Social Media Mining with R.

Find him on Twitter at @rheimann.